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14k White Gold Rings, Also In 10k And 18k 

White is about purity, clarity, brightness and hope - these qualities have been attributed to white gold rings too. Weddings and engagements were once the time men both, men and women shopped for their white gold rings. Stylists explain that the peak demand for rings crafted in white gold, was when the trend for 'white weddings' were very popular. This implies white dresses, white shoes, white necklaces, rings and even a white cake and stage decorations. Somewhere during the past 5 to 6 years, we saw color coming into wedding celebrations. While the solemnity of the occasion was never deviated from, the importance of a specific color began to diminish. Having said that, the desire to wear white gold gemstone rings never really decreased. Interest in colored gems surged and high end jewelry providers like Kaisilver, spread knowledge about the history and tradition of the these enthralling natural beauties. White gold with its neutral tone on all gemstones ensures that, the gemstones enjoy the limelight. Contact the Kaisilver team at sales@kaisilver.com if you have any queries or requirements, related to gems and jewelry. We will be glad to help even if, you plan to buy nothing from us. 

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white gold sapphire ring with diamonds

A gorgeous white gold sapphire and diamond ring, combines the design features and includes elements of contemporary and antique styles. Order with a combination of sapphire colors or any gemstones of your choice. Available in 18k or 14k white gold, this ring can be ordered with a tapered or uniform band width. Finely crafted by Kaisilver artisans in Thailand ... more

men's ring big white gold 10k 14k 18k

A heavy men's 14k white gold ring, also available in 10k, 18k gold and all gold colors. The big gemstone in this ring can be ordered with the gem of your choice. A very sturdy ring, the MAN136 white gold ring can also be crafted with an oval, round or octagonal shaped gemstone. White gold rings for men are suited for both formal and informal wear. Read all about the MAN136 custom ring at ... more

Men And Women: Professional stylists at Kaisilver often recommend that, a jewelry collection include all (white, yellow and pink) or at least two (white and yellow) gold colors. While this is merely a point of personal preference - there data collection by the Kaisilver team provides an interesting insight. Men are more open to the idea of mixing gold and silver in their jewelry collection -  it is quite common for men to order a white gold ring and then, go for yellow gold or even sterling silver in the next. Simply put, a significant number of men wear white gold rings but also, can be seen wearing other gold colors. No secret that women often prefer white gold, it is probably the bright classy look of the metal that makes them prefer white gold rings. There was a time when it was presumed that, white gold looks feminine and delicate, Kaisilver experts have cleared up that misconception more than a decade ago. The overall appearance of a white gold ring would depend on the design, dimensions and also the overall weight and construction of the jewel. 

white gold claddagh ring gemstone garnet

White gold claddagh rings, Kasilver is acclaimed as the best source for the 4 century old antique jewel. While we recommend 14k white,yellow or pink gold for your claddagh gemstone ring, we provide options for 10k, 14k and 18k white, yellow or rose gold. You can also the same finely crafted claddagh in sterling silver. Both metal options have the same premium quality ... more

big ring for men gemstone peridot gold

A classic design for a men's ring, a large gemstone in the center - you pick the gem of your choice. Most colored gemstones show very well when set in white gold rings. An impressive ring for men in 18k, 14k or 10k white gold, the ring has a hefty gold weight to ensure its durability. A minimum weight of 25 grams, the ring size and other preferences could call formore weight ... more

What Is White Gold: Gold as we all know it is yellow it is precisely the reason why the color yellow, came to be associated with wealth and prosperity. So how does the metal for an 18k, 10k or 14k white gold ring come about. The metal used to craft jewelry needs to be quite hard, softer metals are not suitable for making durable jewelry. Metals are added to pure gold to harden the resulting alloy. When gold is mixed with a specific set of metals, the yellow color of the metal pales out. This is the gold allow that is used to craft rings in  white gold. In a similar way, when copper is included in  the metals that are alloyed with gold - we get pink or rose gold. We just mentioned that the yellow color of the metal pales out, it does not however become absolutely white. Once the white gold ring is fully crafted, the surface is treated with white rhodium to deliver that white, bright look. You now know how the metal used to make a white gold ring is derived. Let us address the issue about the metal hardness in white gold rings, is white gold more fragile and prone to denting or deforming. We get into this issue in the next paragraph on 10k, 14k and 18k white gold rings. 

white gold blue sapphire band

A white gold band ring, the design is suited to both men and women. The band width of the ring can be customized based on the gemstone size. We can accommodate 3 to 5 gemstones in the ring. You cold mix different sapphire colors in the ring or, pick any gem combination that you fancy. Available in yellow, white or pink gold and sterling silver is always an option - all ring sizes ... more

white gold diamond band

While diamond rings are always awesome irrespective of the metal or gold color used, there is no doubt that white gold adds an extra dose of extravagance to the ring. The RG210 reveals another interesting design element of diamond gold rings. When the band width of the ring is close to the stone size, the diamond tends to appear even bigger. Ring custom made in gold or silver ... more

10k 14k 18k: Coming back to the wrong notion that many jewelry buyers have that,  white gold in some way softer or less sturdy as compared to pink or yellow gold. You might have noticed that 14 white gold rings are generally what most buyers prefer. While you might wonder why technical issues like the 'k' value of gold, are being explained here - it is really important to understand this. We saw in the above paragraph how, gold had to be mixed other metals to increase the overall hardness of the metal. We also explained how the color of the resulting alloy, could be manipulated based on the selection of 'specific' metals to be alloyed with gold. When buying 18k, 10k or 14k white gold rings, you should be aware of how much gold is present in the metal - this is what is denoted by those 'k' numbers. It is important to understand that the gold content in those standards remains the same, irrespective of the color of the gold. 10k gold has a gold content of 42% and the rest of the alloy is formed from the other metals. 14k gold which is the most popular gold option chosen by jewelry buyers, has 52% gold and the other metals make up 48%. When it comes to 18k gold, the other metals make up a small (25%) while gold dominates the alloy at 75%. The same ring made as a 10k white gold ring would be harder than the other 'k' options, it would be priced lower due to the gold content in  the metal. The ring crafted in 18k white gold would have a lower hardness and a higher price, as compared to the 10k or 14k rings. The popularity of rings in 14k white gold, is explained by the fact that 14k gold has the right com of metal hardness and gold content. Kaisilver offers options for 10k, 14k or 18k white, yellow or pink gold. 

big ring for men in white gold

A big ring for men, suitable for ring sizes from 10 to 15. The dimensions of the ring can be customized by reducing or increasing the size of the center gemstone. The MAN06 demonstrates well how gems like aquamarine with a lighter gem color, get a great chance to display their sheer beauty when set in white gold. Order  this ring in gold or sterling silver, in all ring sizes ... more

white opal and diamond ring gold ring

The charming color play on the gorgeous Australian opal is set against a row of glittering diamonds on either side of the center gem. White gold opal rings are hot favorites, this Kaisilver ring has all the qualities of a high end jewel. You pick the gemstone of your choice, select any of the 3 gold colors - silver is also an option. The October birthstone set in an expertly crafted ring ... more

Ring Designs: There is no special group of design that are suited specifically for white gold rings, but there are a few essentials that you should know about. The design for your ring should be picked in a way to ensure that, it would have sufficient gold weight - this to make it sturdy, long lasting and comfortable to wear. So if you happen to be on a modest budget, choosing a white gold ring design with reduced dimensions might be a good idea. We would say in general that, gemstones or diamonds in the ring, should not significantly protrude from the surface of the ring. Gems sticking out, are more likely to get damaged from physical impact. For men's white gold rings,  the ideal gem setting would be a bezel type where,  the entire rim of the gem is covered with gold. This is something that holds the gem absolutely secure and ensures, that it does not loosen or drop. White gold gemstone or diamond rings that use prongs, should ensure that the prongs are sturdy and not pointed. Flimsy or pointed prongs can get stuck in fabric and pockets and gradually open up, this would ultimately loosen the gems set in the ring. The visual elements of your white gold ring that make up the design, would obviously be as per your choice. You could pick any design from the Kaisilver websites and request for it, to be crafted in white gold with the gems of your choice. We can also craft your white gold ring with a design provided by you. 

white gold diamond ring band

Diamond gold rings tend to appear much more brighter and stylish when crafted as white gold rings. Having said that, the demand for white and yellow gold diamond rings remains interestingly similar. This Kaisilver diamond ring, can be ordered with round or square diamonds. You can add one more diamond or combine gems and diamonds in the same ring, fully customizable ... more

14k white gold rings with gemstone

While pink gemstone rings in white gold, render a very fine and elegant look to the gem - pink, red and purple gems look awesome in white or yellow gold. We provide options for white, pink, green, yellow and blue sapphires for this white gold sapphire ring. Despite its streamlined elegance, the RG233 ring is sturdy and durable, with optimized gold weight - order in all ring sizes ... more.

Gems and Diamonds: Let's talk about white gold diamond rings, those bright and glittering beauties that are sought after by both men and women. When you talk about diamond rings, the precious stone will quite obviously be the center of attraction. Rated as nature's hardest material found on our planet, diamonds look tremendous in all gold colors, but there is something truly speculator about white gold diamond rings. When set in 10k, 14k or 18k white gold, diamonds get that extra dose of luxury and brightness. You could choose from white gold diamond rings, with a high polish or dull finish. While high polish diamond rings are quite common, a dull finish gives the ring an interesting combination of dull metal and super glittering diamonds. 

You could pick just about any gemstone for your Kaisilver white gold ring but, these notes might be useful to you. Light gems like aquamarine, lighter shades of blue topaz and even morganite - can show a toned down color when set in yellow gold rings. This is because of the soft contrast that is cast by the metal on the gemstones. The same light colored gems, reveal their true color in a white gold ring - the neutral color tone of white gold that we talked about. Darker gem colors can appear a shade darker when set in white gold rings, this because of the stark contrast between the bright metal and the saturated gem color. There are a range of gemstones that, look awesome in both white and yellow gold - rubies, medium blue sapphires, medium green tourmaline, swiss blue and london blue topaz etc fall in this category. 

mens ruby diamond ring white gold

White gold men's rings need not appear dainty and feminine - the right design selection for men and good gold weight, can be defining factors for men's rings - this irrespective of the gold color. The MAN141 can be ordered with any gem of your choice. The side diamonds, draw attention to the center ruby - one of the most sought after gemstones throughout history ... more.  

white gold mothers ring multi gemstone

A white gold mother's ring, the choice of multiple gems makes the ring a favorite for a family birthstone ring. When showcasing gems of different colors, the neutral color tone of white gold gives a refined and classy look to the ring. This ring can be ordered with all sapphire colors, you can also mix and match any gems of your choice. Order in white, yellow or pink gold ... more

Formal And Informal Wear: It is true that a white gold ring does have an element of being formal, this is especially true in the case of elegant white gold rings with uncluttered designs. Interestingly the notion that white gold is all about formal wear, is losing ground - you will today see these rings being worn for formal and informal occasions. If you plan to wear your white gold ring frequently and for prolonged duration, make sure that the design and construction of the ring suits such wear. Simple rings with few or no pointed edges or corners, securely set gemstones and sturdy gold construction - some of the features that you should carefully evaluate. It is true that a white gold ring would pair well with both formal and informal wear. You could wear a white gold ring with a T-shirt and a pair of jeans, it would look equally fine with a formal office shirt or an expensive suit. 

diamonrrings for men white gold

Given the price logistics of diamonds where larger sizes, carry premium price tags - a white gold diamond ring with a few modestly sized diamonds, provides an excellent option. The extravagant look of the MAN56 men's diamond gold or silver ring combines with a very reasonable price tag. White gold is ideally suited for such rings, the final choice is always yours ... more

14k white gold rings custom gemstone

When picking deep colored gems like red garnet, amethyst, blue sapphire and green tourmaline for white gold rings - choose a medium color saturation to bring out the beauty of the gemstone and the attractive look of the ring. Dark gems can appear a shade darker when set in white gold, this due to the stark color contrast between the gem and the metal. All gem options available ... more

White Gold Rings Durability: So are white gold rings long lasting? Could I wear my white gold ring everyday? Common questions put to the Kaisilver team, interestingly many of these emails come from jewelry lovers who have never purchased nor even plan to purchase, anything from us! We have always stressed that at Kaisilver it is educating and informing lovers of gems and jewelry, that is top priority. We see the buy and sell process as being secondary. So do keep writing to us, we will always welcome your messages. Not let's dive into the issue of white gold ring durability. 

Just how tough and durable your 14k, 10k or 18k white gold ring is will depend, on a number of factors. We already talked about the 'k' value of gold and answered the question about white gold 'hardness' - read the earlier paragraph about 10k, 14k and 18k gold if you have missed it. The gold weight assigned to white gold rings, quite obviously influences just how sturdy the jewel would be. Jewelers love to compromise on gold weight, this allows them to effectively make the jewel appear more affordable and price friendly. Unfortunately this is done at a severe risk, and the risk is ultimately borne by you - the buyer. The optimal gold weight for any jewel would be based  on its dimensions and design. Without boring you with many technical details, we would like to clearly state that, Kaisilver gold rings generally contain, 40% to 50% more gold weight as compared to what other jewelers provide. This surely adds to the price tag of your white gold ring but, also ensures that the ring withstands frequent and prolonged  wear. Since each ring is expertly crafted by leading jewelry artisans in Thailand,  we tailor the gold weight according to the design and ring (finger) size. The same gold ring design, would contain additional metal weight, if the ring size requirement is very big. When you look at the band of a ring from the inside, it could be solid with no metal scooped or have a scooping done to save on gold weight. Solid bands are sturdier and more comfortable to wear but, budget limitations can raise a few challenges. For a white gold ring that just needs to be scooped for reasons of budget, it is important not to do too heavy of scoop. Thin gold sections for your custom gold ring, would make the ring more prone to deforming and denting. 

For white gold gemstone rings, the gem could influence the durability of the ring. Remember that we are talking about natural gemstones, not factory made synthetics. Nature has not made all gemstones identically in terms of toughness and hardness. While this report is beyond a complete roundup of individual gem durability, we will provide some very constructive  tips here - the Kaisilver support team will be glad to provide assistance on this issue, contact them at the email address mentioned towards the end of this report. Diamonds are the hardest known substance on the planet, ruby and sapphire come a close second - so gold rings with any of these precious stones  should have no issue related to gemstone durability. Gems like topaz, aquamarine, garnet, amethyst, citrine, spessartite, iolite, jade, morganite, tourmaline etc are also well suited for frequent wear. Though not exactly fragile tanzanite and emerald do need some amount of care when being worn. This is not to be an exhaustive list of gems, remember that we place absolutely no limitation on your gem selection. You are welcome to discuss your specific gem requirements with our team. 

Besides the above factors the design concept for the ring, the type of gem setting used to set the gemstones, the type of prongs (if any) and the quality of workmanship - will all play a part in defining ring durability. While you cannot be an expert on this topic, it is important to pick the right jeweler when shopping for your white gold ring. 

At Kaisilver, each design is discussed and debated for days by our jewelry experts. Equal importance is given to good looks and durability, advanced features are incorporated into the design to make the ring more long lasting. This process is carried on even when, the design is provided by you - the client. We will come up ideas to upgrade the design to ensure that it is durable. And one very important fact that needs to be said here is that, even the most durable and expertly crafted ring, should not be exposed to environments where it can get damaged. Keep your white gold ring away from conditions where, it can get hit by physical impact. You also do not want to expose your ring to extreme heat and strong chemicals or detergents. 

Custom White Gold Rings: Gold rings are worn to feel good and look good, jewelry lovers love to wear the design and gemstones that they like. Wearing jewelry is like being with a friend, a special bond that can even have a sentimental value develops between a jewel and its wearer. So getting a white gold ring that you like the looks of, is just one part of the story. The other part of the story is equally if not even more important, it plays an important rule in the background. Let's talk about a custom made white gold ring that is custom made by Kaisilver. You choose a design from our websites or send us your own sketch of image. We finalize the specifications together and provide tips, for design improvement and ring durability - we provide a customized price quote for your order. Each white gold ring is completely made to order, no ready made design molds or blocks. When picking the gem for white gold gemstone rings, we leave it entirely up to you - no restrictions whatsoever. By procuring gems directly from miners, we ensure that what you get is a natural gem and not a man made clone. Once the gems are cut and polished, we go a step further and have every single gem certified for authenticity by an independent gem testing lab. Each jewel is provided an optimum gold weight based on the design, dimensions and finger size. As mentioned in the previous part of this report - Kaisilver rings will generally weigh anywhere between 40% to 50% more than, what similar rings crafted by other jewelers would provide. We bring together some of the most experienced, talented and dedicated artisans from Thailand to work on our jewelry orders. Stringent quality checks are provided at every phase of production, this is the reason why Kaisilver jewelry is known for its premium quality across the globe. 

How To Buy: You can review the complete report for each of the white gold rings shown on this web page - the link is provided in the short description provided for each ring. We can craft your ring or any other jewel with a design provided by you. We place absolutely no limitation on gem selection for your gold rings, this obviously means that you need not be limited to what you see on our websites. Contact our team  at sales@kaisilver.com if you need any information or clarifications, we will be glad to help even if you buy nothing from us. 

Who Is Kaisilver: With 3 decades of experience in the gem and jewelry industry, we have today become the leading online source for high end custom made jewelry. Over 12,000 jewelry lovers from 15 nations rely on us for all their requirements. We craft all types of jewelry including rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets and cuff links - both gold and silver jewelry are crafted to the same superior standards. You can pick any jewel from our websites and request for it to be crafted in gold or 925 silver, no restrictions on gem selection. We can also work with your design sketch or image. Being networked to leading gem mining centers across the globe, we have preferential access to over 200 million carats of gemstones. This ensures that we consistently deliver the best gem at each price point. Kaisilver experts at sales@kaisilver.com will be glad to help you with any advice or information that you might need. 

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