Tourmaline Rings For Men

Men's Gold Or Silver Tourmaline Ring

Tourmaline rings for men are generally preferred with a green tourmaline gem, this is precisely the reason why the Kai Silver MAN136 Tourmaline Ring has got wide attention. We have designed and crafted an impressive tourmaline with an unusually large gemstone. The idea is to let the story of the ring focus on the gemstone. Jewelry buyers with some background knowledge about gemstones will agree that, green tourmaline is truly amazing.

Green gems hold a significant market share, this is one color that has always had a universal appeal. Emerald, peridot, tourmaline and jade are gems that are often seen in green gemstone rings. Emerald along with ruby and sapphire are placed in the ‘expensive’ gemstones category. And despite its hefty price tag, emerald is not very durable and sturdy. Jade is fine and tough but, it is only a few select buyers who opt for opaque or near opaque gems. Green tourmaline for its high degree of durability and easy maintenance is modestly priced. The green hue of this gem is never bright and loud, it has a saturated confident color that is appreciated by gem lovers with refined tastes.

big ring for men green tourmaline

A heavy men's ring shown with a large green tourmaline gem. You can order this tourmaline ring for men in gold or 925 silver. The ring can be ordered with any gemstone of your choice. Sturdy and comfortable to wear the MAN136 ring from Kaisilver is very durable ... more

tourmaline ring for men square gem

A classy tourmaline band ring for men, a handpicked certified green gemstone in the center. A thick band supported by a hefty metal weight. Order the men's green tourmaline ring in 14k 18k gold or sterling silver. Each ring is fully custom made available in all sizes ... more

Talking more specifically about the MAN136 green tourmaline men’s ring, this ring proudly wear a large 11x9mm oval tourmaline gem. You could request for a gem authentication certificate when ordering the ring. Our gem experts spend several days going through mounds of tourmaline crystals, we then procure pieces that give the best equation between quality and price. Cutters with generations of cutting experience, work on each crystal and cut and polish it to the shape and size required. A wrong orientation or a slight error in the facet angles means that, the gem needs to be discarded.

The gold or silver ring to accept the precisely cut gemstone, is handcrafted by some of Thailand’s finest jewelry artisans. These are not readymade pieces produced from standard molds. This is the reason why, we are in a position to accommodate all design change requests for the tourmaline gemstone men’s ring. A handsome metal weight of 20-25 grams is provided for every tourmaline ring, a very large ring size might call for additional weight to be added.

A small note about tourmaline rings for men, there is little doubt that green  tourmaline is highly preferred by men. However there is another option that is gaining popularity. A deep pink tourmaline with a burnished (brown secondary tone) color look. If you are looking for a tourmaline sterling silver or gold ring, let us know if you would like to see images of green and deep reddish pink tourmaline.

The good thing about working with Kaisilver for a men’s tourmaline ring is that, you are not limited by design, dimensions or gemstones. This means that, you can order a men’s ring based on your own design concept. We will invest the same degree of talent, attention and intense human skills into making a 925 silver or gold tourmaline ring for you.

Buying: If you wish to know more about this tourmaline men’s ring or confirm an order, review the MAN136 Tourmaline Ring Report. You can email our expert team at and get all the information and clarifications that you require, do not be in a hurry to place the order. You can select 14k or 18k, white, yellow or pink gold. Sterling silver is also an option, with or without plating.