Spessartite Garnet

Spessartite The Gorgeous Orange Garnet

Garnet was for a long time believed to exist is in just one color,  red. As time developed and the identification of minerals and crystals became more scientific and objective, we came to learn that there are many more colorful members in the garnet family. Spessartite is often described as an orange variety of garnet but, the color of this gem can range from a very pale orange to a saturated red. Medium orange and orange with a visible element of red, are the preferred color choices for spessartite garnet. The world or natural gemstones does have a few orange gems like fire opal, orange carnelian and orange sapphire - besides spessartite. But if you want a sparkling transparent orange gemstone, spessartite and sapphire would fit your requirements. 

Orange sapphires are not very common, most of the orange sapphire gems that you see in the market are treated by the beryllium process to get that color. Natural orange sapphire that is put through the conventional heat process is rare and expensive. So based on durability, clarity, sparkle and price, orange spessartite garnet offers good value for the money paid. This gemstone pairs well with any metal color, you could therefore order a custom made spessartite ring from Kaisilver with the design of your choice - in gold or 925 silver. Orange is clearly visible in yellow, white or rose gold so all you need to do is to pick your preference. 

As you might be aware, garnet is the birthstone for the month of January. Our expert team often receives queries asking whether, spessartite garnet can be worn as the January birthstone. There is a very logical reason to support the idea that, all garnets can be worn to celebrate a January birthday. The origin of birthstones dates back to many centuries, most experts link them to the 12 stones studded in Aaron's (the high priest) Breastplate. Those were the days when crystal identification was done solely on color. All green stones were presumed to be emeralds, all red stones were referred to as rubies and sapphire included all blue stones including, blue lapis lazuli. We understand gems and rocks better today, we know for sure that garnets can be green (demantoid and tsavorite), orange (spessartite), red or even a honey brown (hessonite) color. We should therefore take a more liberal view and accept any variety of garnet as the birthstone for January. 

Review the Spessartite Brief Report, if you need a general overview of Kaisilver spessartite gemstones. The Comprehensive Spessartite Report will give you a more detailed idea about this awesome orange gemstone. At Kaisilver, we can custom make any jewel from our website, with spessarite or any other gemstones of your choice. You could even send us an image of your favorite jewel, we can custom make that in gold or 925 silver for you. Get in touch with our experts at sales@kaisilver.com for any, information and questions related to the world of gemstones and jewelry.