Bracelet Custom BRC100

Customize The BRC100 Gemstone Bracelet

The BRC100 ruby, sapphire emerald bracelet combines three of the all time greats from the world of gemstones. Like all other jewelry from Kaisilver, this gemstone bracelet is fully custom made. This means that you can request for the design or gems to be modified to suit your preference. In this report we introduce you to some awesome ways to personalize your bracelet. The report refers to the BRC100 bracelet but, the information is applicable to most other gemstone bracelets, so make sure that you read and understand the content. 

Jewelry with a flower motif never feels to impress, we relate the piece to nature and get a refreshing feel when we wear it. The flower motif in this ruby, sapphire and emerald bracelet is colorful due to the gorgeous gemstones. The bracelet is custom made as a silver or gold bracelet, and the gold options include white, yellow and rose gold. The gemstones that form the flower are round and there is a gem set in the center of each flower.

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Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald: When you choose Kaisilver as your jewelry provider you are limited by nothing except, by your imagination and budget. We can accommodate every modification that you need and will gladly, make a gemstone bracelet for you with your design sketch or image. Let us mention a few very interesting facts about the gemstones in this bracelet. Sapphire, ruby and emerald happen to be 3 of the most sought after gems, all through history. By including 3 of the rarest gems in a single finely handcrafted bracelet, Kaisilver celebrates a highly desirable color combination. Blue sapphire the gemstone that, symbolizes sincerity, truth and loyalty. The gem has also been a symbol of refined style and status. Sapphire is the birthstone for the month of September, it is also the gem to mark the 5th, 45th and 70th anniversary. We should also mention that, sapphires are not always blue - you have a spectacular color spectrum of white, yellow, pink, green, blue and even orange sapphires to choose from. We will make an amazing suggestion right here, you could order a stunning gold or 925 silver bracelet with all sapphires - combine different sapphire colors in the same bracelet. There is really no limitation on the gems or gem combinations that you can choose. 

Ruby and sapphire are close cousins, they are both members of the corundum mineral family. Another reason why they always look awesome when set in the same jewel - in this case a stunning gemstone bracelet. While corundum itself is not rare, fine gem quality specimens are very rarely found. And when those gem quality pieces are red, they are referred to as ruby. Gem quality corundum in another color is called sapphire. While the BRC100 custom bracelet would look truly gracious if crafted with all rubies, the combination of gemstones adds variety. Multi gemstone jewels are also perfect for your wardrobe pairing, they would pair well with a number of dresses in your wardrobe. Ruby is the birthstone for July, it also holds a number of positions on the anniversary gemstone charts. Celebrate the 15th, 40th, 52nd, 60th, 80th, 95th anniversaries by wearing an elegant jewel encrusted with ruby. And what better way to mark these wonderful milestones, than wearing a beautiful Kaisilver ruby bracelet. Ruby signifies love, affection and power - these beliefs have come down from centuries. 

We could write volumes about emerald, the precious green gemstone that has a very interesting origin. The bracelet combines the BIG 3 stalwarts of the gemstone world - ruby, sapphire and emerald. The green gem belongs to the beryl family, it takes millions of years for emerald to form in its natural environment. A unique combination of elements is required for the formation of emerald - and the process is often interrupted by nature, this very often means that the completion is not accomplished and so there no emerald is formed. But on those rare cases when emerald does come through its extremely stressful journey, it carries those marks of a lengthy and tough journey. Emeralds invariably contain, inclusions and fissures that they develop over millions of years that they take to form. Knowledgeable gem lovers fondly refer to the marks in emeralds as birthmarks. You could have this entire bracelet set with emeralds and feel the warmth and calmness of the finest green gemstone.  May born babies can proudly claim to have one of the most loved gemstone as their birthstone - emerald. The gemstone also marks the 20th and 35th anniversaries. 

Center Gemstone: Each section of the gemstone bracelet is made up of 7 gems, you have 6 gems around a center gemstone. You can always choose a different gem for the center, this could be a diamond, white sapphire or any gem of your choice. This concept might be more relevant of you choose to order your gemstone bracelet, with a single gem in all the sections. Should you choose to go for a gold or silver custom bracelet with all rubies or all sapphires or all emeralds, consider including a diamond or white sapphire at the center of each flower. This concept will add an element of elegance and elegance to the bracelet. And if your bracelet would have all yellow or all white or all pink sapphires, you could request for a black diamond to be set in the center. This is just a suggestion from our stylists and you are welcome to choose your own ideas and preferences. 

Gold Or Silver: The trend to give lower importance to silver bracelets is nothing new, jewelers often make buyers believe that a sterling silver bracelet, can never match the quality standards of its gold counterpart. This issue is relevant when you choose to order your bracelet from Kaisilver. The same team of expert Thai artisans, the same skilled gem cutters, the same talented designers and quality control experts - work on both gold and 925 silver jewelry orders. You make your decision of a 925 silver or gold bracelet, your design or ours and your choice of gemstones.Heavy bracelets with fairly large gems, get a classic look when crafted in silver. The casual and yet confident look of silver is perfect for certain designs. Keep in mind that a sturdy bracelet requires an optimum metal weight, this explains why a gold bracelet would not be a low priced piece. On the other hand if you pick a bracelet that is crafted in 925 silver, the metal cost will not weigh heavily on the price tag. A gemstone bracelet in gold can be crafted in 10k, 14k or 18k gold - you also have a choice of white, yellow or pink gold. 14k bracelets are very popular, this because 14k gold provides a good balance between gold content and metal hardness. No matter which metal you choose for your custom bracelet - sufficient metal weight and good craftsmanship cannot be discounted. 

Gold Color: We mentioned briefly about gold color in  the above paragraph, let us get into some details here. Firstly the 10k, 14k and 18k gold rating decides the hardness of the metal. Within these gold ratings, white, yellow and rose gold have the same degree of hardness. A white gold gemstone bracelet adds a neutral, color tone on the gemstones. This simply means that the gemstones in the bracelet take center stage. A custom made bracelet in yellow gold, adds a warm color contrast with the skin and gemstones. This is the gold color that gives the jewel an expensive and valuable look, remember that it was yellow gold that defined wealth and prosperity. Though not very popular, rose (pink) gold bracelets are a nice option to consider. Red, pink, white and violet gemstones show up with a very intriguing color contrast when set in pink gold bracelets. Once again, these are are just suggestions and we encourage you to make your own decision. 

Multi Gemstone: Most gemstone bracelets would have multiple gemstones, this based on the design elements. So let us talk about the option to mix, different gems in the same bracelet. For example, a custom made bracelet with 8 gems could alternate ruby and sapphire, you could also go for an added dose of color and combine 4, 5 or even 8 gems in the bracelet. A classic example is a family birthstone bracelet, one where the birthstones of all family members is included in a silver or gold bracelet. Much of what we mention here would be possible when, you go for a made to order bracelets. It is understandable that ready made bracelets cannot accommodate design and gem modifications request. 

5 Interesting Suggestions For The BRC100:

  • If you choose the gold bracelet option, you can specify 14k or 18k gold. More importantly, you will have a choice of three gold colors white, yellow and pink. Each of these gold colors will strike a unique note with the gem colors, make a choice based on the style statement that you wish to make. 
  • The custom bracelet shown in the image combines ruby, sapphire and emerald in the same piece. You could request for a single gem bracelet where, the entire bracelet would have just one gemstone. This would be great if you are keen on having a ruby bracelet or an emerald bracelet without, having the other gems in the jewel. 
  • You could request for a sapphire bracelet and have the entire bracelet done in blue sapphires. Having said that, you should know that sapphires come in a gorgeous range of colors and not just blue. Get a unique look for your sapphire bracelet by, combining different sapphire colors in the same piece. You could choose from white, blue, green, pink, yellow and orange sapphires. 
  • A diamond bracelet would make a statement of luxury if, your budget can handle it. Each of the flower motifs would he set with diamonds and the jewel would sizzle with glitter and sparkle. If you wish to moderate the price of the bracelet, consider alternating a diamond flower with a gemstone flower. A more subtle dose of glitter can be delivered by replacing the center gem in each flower with a diamond. 
  • The gemstones that make up each of the flower motifs in the are 3mm rounds. You could get a bigger look for the flowers and the bracelet by requesting for 4mm - 5mm round gems. It is also possible to use 5x3mm oval gems or even a size of 6x4mm. Prices would depend on the gem type size and will be quoted based on your specific requirements. 

How To Buy: Do not be in a rush to place an order, we encourage you to read the complete BRC100 Gemstone Bracelet Report and learn about the pricing and options available. Our team of experts at will always be glad to guide you with suggestions and ideas. Email your questions and requirements and move to the ordering stage only when you have all the information required to make a decision. Request for design modifications or gem adjustments or send us your own design sketches.