BRC100 Bracelet

Customize The BRC100 Gemstone Bracelet

The BRC100 ruby, sapphire emerald bracelet combines three of the all time greats from the world of gemstones. Like all other jewelry from Kaisilver, this gemstone bracelet is fully custom made. This means that you can request for the design or gems to be modified to suit your preference. In this report we introduce you to some awesome ways to personalize your bracelet. The report refers to the BRC100 bracelet but, the information is applicable to most other gemstone bracelets, so make sure that you read and understand the content. 

Jewelry with a flower motif never feels to impress, we relate the piece to nature and get a refreshing feel when we wear it. The flower motif in this ruby, sapphire and emerald bracelet is colorful due to the gorgeous gemstones. The bracelet is custom made as a silver or gold bracelet, and the gold options include white, yellow and rose gold. The gemstones that form the flower are round and there is a gem set in the center of each flower.

When you choose Kaisilver as your jewelry provider you are limited by nothing except, by your imagination and budget. We can accommodate every modification that you need and will gladly, make a gemstone bracelet for you with your design sketch or image. 

5 Interesting Suggestions:

  • If you choose the gold bracelet option, you can specify 14k or 18k gold. More importantly, you will have a choice of three gold colors white, yellow and pink. Each of these gold colors will strike a unique note with the gem colors, make a choice based on the style statement that you wish to make. 
  • The custom bracelet shown in the image combines ruby, sapphire and emerald in the same piece. You could request for a single gem bracelet where, the entire bracelet would have just one gemstone. This would be great if you are keen on having a ruby bracelet or an emerald bracelet without, having the other gems in the jewel. 
  • You could request for a sapphire bracelet and have the entire bracelet done in blue sapphires. Having said that, you should know that sapphires come in a gorgeous range of colors and not just blue. Get a unique look for your sapphire bracelet by, combining different sapphire colors in the same piece. You could choose from white, blue, green, pink, yellow and orange sapphires. 
  • A diamond bracelet would make a statement of luxury if, your budget can handle it. Each of the flower motifs would he set with diamonds and the jewel would sizzle with glitter and sparkle. If you wish to moderate the price of the bracelet, consider alternating a diamond flower with a gemstone flower. A more subtle dose of glitter can be delivered by replacing the center gem in each flower with a diamond. 
  • The gemstones that make up each of the flower motifs in the are 3mm rounds. You could get a bigger look for the flowers and the bracelet by requesting for 4mm - 5mm round gems. It is also possible to use 5x3mm oval gems or even a size of 6x4mm. Prices would depend on the gem type size and will be quoted based on your specific requirements. 

How To Buy: Do not be in a rush to place an order, we encourage you to read the complete BRC100 Gemstone Bracelet Report and learn about the pricing and options available. Our team of experts at will always be glad to guide you with suggestions and ideas. Email your questions and requirements and move to the ordering stage only when you have all the information required to make a decision. Request for design modifications or gem adjustments or send us your own design sketches.