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Gemstones have attracted humans for many centuries, they were first carried and worn because of their 'special' properties. There are many interesting beliefs attached to gems, many of these are believed even today. The belief that wearing an aquamarine gemstone brings peace and harmony and that, a red garnet provides 'protection' when travelling have very old origins. While gemstones add beauty and color to any jewel, they can often be picked based on their metaphysical properties. In this report we talk about rings with many gems, style gurus refer to them as multi gemstone rings. There are some interesting reasons why jewelry lovers choose gold or 925 silver rings with many gemstones. A major portion of this report will be devoted to explain the reason why, multi gem rings are very popular. Before we move ahead let us understand that, a multi gemstone ring can also be crafted with a single type of gemstone. 

ring with many gem stones

A timeless antique style for this ring with many gems.  Designed and crafted to luxury standards, any gem combination of your choice and no limitation on gem size or shape ... more.

multi gemstone ring for men

A handsome and sturdy gemstone rings for men. A classic example of a men's multi stone ring, unlimited choice of gems and options for gold or sterling silver. All ring sizes available ... more

Showcasing Gem Colors: A gold or 925 silver ring with many gems, provides an opportunity to mix and match colors in the same ring. Jewels with many gemstones never look outdated and boring, gem colors can be selected based on budget and personal preference. It is possible for a ring with multiple gemstones, to have just one gem type - all blue sapphires, all rubies, all pink tourmaline etc. Multi gemstone rings often match well, with a range of dress styles and colors. So when you slip a ring with many gems on your finger, the jewel will look gorgeous with most of the dresses in your wardrobe. 

Beliefs And Traditions: As an example a ring with a ruby, aquamarine and emerald would have an interesting significance, based on beliefs that originated centuries ago. A ruby signifies love, loyalty and status. Aquamarine is believed to bring happiness to a family and emerald, has for long been worn to build harmony and encourage regeneration. The list of ancient beliefs related to gems and crystals is huge, some gems like sapphire and diamond have been attributed with more than one 'special' power. At the end of the day these are but, beliefs and no one really seeks scientific evidence to support various claims. 

multi gemstone ring sapphire

A classic ring with many gems, the RG220 ring can be ordered with 3, 4 or 5 gemstones. You can mix and match gems in the same ring. Crafted in Thailand, the ring is available in gold and silver. Suitable for both men and women ... more

mothers ring family birthstones

Mothers ring with many gems, consider this design for a family birthstone ring - that includes the birthstones of all family members. You can also mix gem colors to ensure that, the ring pairs well with a range of outfits in your wardrobe ... more

Birthstone Ring: That our destinies are influenced by a specific crystal (gemstone) that connects to us from our birth, is a very old belief. The concept further evolved in times closer to us and we now how have a birthstone chart. Every month has a gem listed as its birthstone, some months have more than 1 birthstone. So how can we relate this to a multi gemstone ring, the answer is simple - a family birthstone ring. This ring would have all the birthstones of all the family members. Obviously immense significance and meaning in such a jewel. A family birthstone ring could be presented to a mother or wife - you could also get a family birthstone ring and wear it on your finger. 

multi gemstone ring for men

A handsome men's ring with many gemstones. You choose all the gemstones in this ring, custom made in Thailand by Kaisilver - all ring sizes. The ring looks great and has been invested with a significant metal weight (gold or silver) ... more

ring with many gems gold or silver

Shown as a ring with diamonds and blue sapphires the RG237 can be ordered with multiple gems in the same ring - one example would be white, yellow, pink and blue sapphires in a single ring. Each ring is fully customizable ... more

How Many Gems: A multi stone ring could have anywhere from 2 to a dozen or even more gems, so what is the ideal number of gems that would go into a ring with many gemstones. There is really no standard limitation for the number of gemstones set in a multi stone, it is all about personal preference and the meaning that you wish the ring to deliver. Kaisilver multi stone rings are fully customized - you choose the design (yours or ours), you pick gold or silver and you decide on the gemstones. The ring design can be modified to accept the number of gems that you wish to accommodate. 

silver ring with stones

This antique style ring looks gorgeous as a 925 silver ring but can also be ordered in gold. The oval center gem has a pear shaped gem on either side. You can pick all three gemstones as per your choice. Available in all ring sizes ... more

multi gem and diamond ring

This ring can be crafted in 14k/18k white, yellow or pink gold - also available in sterling silver. You can choose any combination of gemstones and diamonds for your ring. The multi gem stone ring focuses on good looks and durability ... more.  

For Men And Women: There is nothing which implies that rings with many gemstones are suited only for women, it is all a matter of personal choice and ring design. In general men restrict their choice to 2 to 3 gems, exceptions do exist. When it comes to multi stone rings for women - you could find anywhere from 2 to 10 stones. An interesting observation when it comes to multi gemstone rings ordered at Kaisilver - more men purchase rings with many gems as compared to women. At least 80% of the multi gemstone rings ordered my men from Kaisilver, are meant to be gifts - gifted to wife or mother. 

Gemstone Cost: The cost of gemstones varies widely, price is calculated per carat (weight unit). Larger gemstones are generally priced higher (per carat) as compared to gems that are smaller. This information will quite obviously influence the gems, that a buyer selects for his or her ring with multiple gemstones. The good thing about multi gem rings is that, the ring can look gorgeous even with modestly sized gems. Depending on the design that you choose for your gold or silver ring with many gemstones, you could probably pick gems of different colors, sizes and shapes for the ring. 

Who Is Kaisilver: Accepted as the leading online high end custom jewelry provider, Kaisilver crafts all types of jewelry in gold or sterling silver. You can pick from our designs or send us your own design sketches or images. Gemstone jewelry is made to order with your choice of gemstones, your gem selection need not be limited to what you see on our websites. More than 12,000 style and quality conscious buyers in over 15 nations, rely on Kaisilver for all their gemstone and jewelry needs. A team of highly skilled and dedicated jewelry artisans and gem cutters in Thailand, work on our jewelry orders. Our team of experts at will be glad to discuss your requirements or provide any information that you might need. If you prefer to discuss your jewelry or gem requirements with our experts, please include your phone number, location and mention the time suitable for you to receive the call. Providing as much detail as possible in the email about your query, will help us better prepare and assign the right person for the call. 

How To Buy: Every item displayed on this web page has a link that provides, complete information including pricing and options for the specific product. All design modifications and gem requirements can be accommodated. You are also welcome to email us your own design concepts and ideas to be custom made. Our experts at will be glad to guide you in every way possible. 

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