Men's Rings


Men's rings are today regarded as statements of style and status, this requires men's plain and gemstone rings that have quality. In order to get a gold or silver ring for men, that is impressive and durable you need to know what to expect from the jewel. Gemstones are another import aspect of men's rings. While the preference is for large big carat gemstones, most gems are priced much higher (per carat) as the gem size increases. Understanding gemstone options is a great way to get a sturdy and stylish men's gemstone ring. It is necessary to understand that the spectacular array of gems offered by  mother nature, extends far beyond diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds. The toughness of gems and the treatments that can be applied to them, should all figure in your evaluation process. In this section of the website we discuss various issues related to men's rings, we tell you how quality is important irrespective of the metal or gemstone selected. 

Kaisilver: As the leading online provider of high end custom made jewellery, we custom make jewellery as per your design or ours in gold or sterling silver. A high degree of expertise in gem sourcing and cutting, allows us to place no restriction on your choice of gemstones. Discuss your gem and jewellery related questions and requirements with our experts at They will be glad to assist you even if, you do not plan to make a purchase from us. 

 A men's spessartite garnet ring, a rare and gorgeous gem stone that is not known to many jewelry buyers. Learn all about this amazing orange gemstone here

A tremendous tourmaline gem stone ring for men, configured to last for a lifetime and beyond, a great choice for an heirloom jewel in gold or silver ... here

men's ruby ring collection

Custom ruby rings for men, crafted in gold or 925 sterling silver. You can pick our designs or send us your own. Requests for all ring sizes for men's rings can be accommodated ... more

Sapphire diamond ring for men, a fine men's ring crafted by skilled artisans. This men's sapphire ring can be ordered in gold or silver, read the details ... here

rings for men with green gems

We talk about gem options for a men's green gemstone ring. Kaisilver can custom make a ring with your choice of design and green gem. This report has more ... here

big men's rings

A collection of custom made men's rings. Perfect for big size rings for men, custom made in all sizes no limitation on gem size in gold or sterling silver. Get more details for these Kaisilver rings ... more

A handsome three gemstone ring for men. Shown here is a men's gemstone ring with sapphire, rubelite gems are set on the sides of the ring. More details ... here

square stone ring for men

A stylish look and wearing comfort make the MAN63n men's square gemstone ring a hot favorite. Kaisilver can custom make your ring in gold or silver ... more

birthstone rings for men

A handsome collection of men's birthstone rings. Custom made rings for men in gold or 925 silver - your choice of gemstone. Your design concept or ours ... more