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As knowledge about gemstones spreads, jewelry savvy minds are looking for interesting variations in gems. The popularity of pink sapphire gold rings is now at an all time high, the gem can now be seen in casual and formal jewelry. It was thought for very long that, blue was the only color in which natural sapphires existed. Science and technology took quite a while to fully understand gems and minerals, color could not be the only characteristic to identify a gem. A pink sapphire ring has an elegant feminine touch, it symbolizes brightness and hope. Girls and ladies come to love colors like pink and red from a very young age, pink sapphires offer a range of hues to choose from. Kaisilver offers custom sapphire rings which means that, you can make the choice of design and sapphire color. Preference is generally for medium to lighter shades of pink. Remember that sapphires and rubies come from the same mineral family, corundum. Gem quality corundum is generally placed in the higher price range, eye clean gems in larger sizes are very rare and carry a hefty premium in terms of price per carat.

If you wish to get a gold sapphire ring with a pink sapphire gemstone, you will first need to understand what your metal options are. Like all high end jewelry, Kaisilver custom made sapphire gold rings are offered in 14k and 18k gold. We can however work on a specific price quote if, you prefer to order a 10k pink sapphire gold ring. With jewelry savvy buyers pushing for the color element in jewelry, the color of gold provides some awesome opportunities. 10k, 14k and 18k sapphire gemstone rings, can be crafted in white, yellow or rose gold. Each of these gold colors will strike a different color contrast with the pink sapphire gem(s) in your ring. While yellow and white gold rings are seen very often, it is rose gold (also called pink gold) that has an interesting appeal. A rose gold pink sapphire ring, soothes the color contrast between the gem and the metal, the gemstone seems to sparkle much more and the metal gets to be less obvious. Order your pink sapphire ring from Kaisilver and you will always be in control of the gold choice, sapphire color and design. The RG224PS Pink Sapphire Diamond Ring, is a gorgeous ring based on a flower motif. Shown here with pink sapphires, the same ring can also be crafted with white, blue, green, yellow or orange sapphire gems. And if you want that colorful splashed out look, request for a combination of sapphire colors for your ring. 

The importance of color in a ring is clearly demonstrated in pink sapphire gold rings. Huge sapphires would be beyond most budgets but, picking the right design and providing good workmanship, can deliver an amazing jewel even if, the gemstone has a modest size. The RG233 Pink Sapphire Ring is set with a 6mm square gem, the 10k, 14k or 18k gold ring has a good metal weight, this allows the ring to be crafted with no hollow or scooped out portions. The pink color gem immediately pulls your attention, the moderate size ensures that the gem always has an impressive quality. Rings with these dimensions should form a part of every jewelry collection. There will be times when you wish to look elegant without appearing flashy, rings with modest dimensions are better suited for frequent and prolonged wear. The RG233 ring shown in the image is a white gold sapphire ring, the gem easily contrasts with the metal color and stands out prominently. If you wish to soften the color contrast between the gold and the gemstone, order a rose gold or yellow gold pink sapphire gemstone ring. 

Kaisilver Pink Sapphire Ring Highlights: We can craft your pink sapphire ring based on your design or ours. All the rings on our website can be ordered in white, yellow or pink gold with a pink sapphire gemstone. Review our Sapphire Ring Collection and let us know if something interests you. Email our support team at with any queries that you might have related to gems and jewelry. 

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