Ruby Rings For Men

Rings For Men With Ruby Gemstone

Ruby is an exotic gem, it is rare and tough. The only reason why you don't see much more of men's ruby rings is the price point of the red gemstone. Rubies are expensive, they get even pricier as the size of the gem increases. The reason being that almost 80% of the ruby that is mined is suited for, cutting gems in the 2 carat or below range. When you talk about a men's gemstone ring, you generally expect to have a 3 to 5 carat gem set in the ring. This can drive the price point of a ruby men's ring beyond many budgets. 

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Highlights Of Kaisilver Men's Ruby Rings:

Design: The design of a high end men's ring has a much bigger role to play, it goes beyond style and trend. Kaisilver men's ruby rings are designed to be comfortable to wear and long lasting. Each ring is provided with an optimized metal weight, this ensures that the ring will not bend or deform easily. Kaisilver ruby rings for men, can be made with a design from our website or a concept provided by you. Basically there is no limitation on design or dimensions for all Kaisilver jewelry. 

Gemstone:Rubies are available in different grades, prices across grades and sizes can vary widely. Kaisilver procures rubies directly from global mines, each gem is precisely cut to fit the gold and silver jewelry mounts that are crafted by our highly skilled artisans. We are not restricted to any fixed inventories or rubies (or other gems). We ensure that the gem that is selected for your ruby men's ring, provides optimum value for the money that you pay. The ruby in your ring will be a natural gem and certified for authenticity by a reputed gem testing laboratory. 

Gem Treatment: There is a very important fact about rubies that you should know. Rubies after being mined are put through a conventional heat process, this to improve their beauty and reduce internal inclusions. This process has been in use for at least a century and is accepted by gemstone experts. Conventional heat treatment does not reduce the toughness or value of a ruby. A few other ruby treatments have been introduced in recent years - examples are the fissure filling process, diffusion process and the bulk diffusion process. These treatments not only reduce the durability of the gem but also, significantly reduce the value of the precious gem. 

Craftsmanship: Quality craftsmanship ensures that the ring looks good and withstands frequent wear. Kaisilver custom jewelry is crafted by a team drawn from Thailand's finest jewelry artisans and gem cutters. The gold and silver men's ruby ring is provided with the same quality of design, gemstones and workmanship. 

Metal Options: Men's ruby rings can be ordered in gold (10k, 14k, 18k - white, yellow, pink) or sterling silver. The same superior quality standards are maintained for both metal options. We might add here that the red color of rubies, looks awesome when set in just about any metal color.

Durability: Nature has blessed rubies and diamonds with an extremely high degree of hardness and durability. A Kaisilver men's ruby ring is designed to include several inbuilt features that, increase the durability of the jewel. Notice how the ruby in the rings shown above has its border covered with metal, this is the safest type of gem setting. Prong settings tend to open up when they get stuck in pockets and other fabric. The minimum metal weight of Kaisilver ruby rings for men is 20 to 22 grams. This weight can go up to 30 or 35 grams depending on the design, dimensions and ring size. Metal weight is one of the prominent features that influences the durability of a jewel. Kaisilver custom jewels generally weigh around 40% to 60% more, than similar jewels provided by other jewelers.  

How To Buy: Kaisilver is widely accepted as the world's leading source for high end custom made jewelry. We craft all types of jewels, you can choose gold or silver, pick our designs or send us your own. We place no restriction of gem options and you need not be restricted to the gems shown on our website. The links provided below each of the above items, will take you to the complete report page. This is where you will find options and pricing information. You are always welcome to contact our support team at with any questions that you might have. The team includes experts from every department of style, design, gemstones and jewelry production. We do not hire smart talking sales staff, so rest assured that there will be no buying pressure. You can in fact, take advantage of our expertise and make your purchase from any jeweler of your choice.