Square Gemstone Ring For Men

Men's Ring Square Gemstone

Men love to wear rings that have simple uncluttered designs, the single gemstone concept is ideally suited for these rings. While it is true that most gems are cut in round, oval and pear shapes, men's rings with square or rectangular gemstones have always had a ready market. The MAN63n men's tourmaline ring from Kaisilver, is a high end jewel custom made in gold or 925 sterling silver. The ring is shown with a 7-8mm square green tourmaline gem but, you could pick the gemstone of your choice. 

square gem ring for men
custom made ring for men

Men's Square Gemstone Ring Kaisilver:

  • Men's Rings Are Custom Made In Gold Or Sterling silver.
  • Same quality standards for square silver or gold rings. 
  • The ideal gemstone size is 7mm to 8mm.
  • The gem is firmly mounded with metal all around. 
  • No limitation on gem selection for square men's rings.
  • The MAN63n can have a tapered or uniform band width.  
  • Minimum weight, sillver 15g and gold 20g,
  • Custom made in all ring sizes. 
  • Can request for solid band with no scooping inside band. 
  • There is no limitation on the gemstone choice. 
  • Ring can be custom made with your own design. 

Style, Comfort, Durability: Like all Kaisilver jewelry, the MAN63n men's square stone ring is designed and crafted to deliver both, style and comfort. The stone is custom cut with a moderate thickness, gems that protrude well beyond the surface of the ring are more likely to get damaged by physical impact. The healthy metal weight is also an essential element that defines the durability of the ring. While it is possible to make a men's square gemstone ring with no scooping inside the band, this feature might call for an additional metal weight depending on the size of the ring. 

The band style concept of the ring is suited for both formal and informal occasion. The square gem works seamlessly to add color and sparkle to the jewel. If you wish to wear this ring for a formal occasion, you might want to request for a pair of matching cuff links. 

Suitable For A Wedding Ring: Though the demand for women's jewelry far outstrips that of men's jewelry, it has become quite common for men to wear a wedding ring. Band rings are favorites when it comes to wedding rings for men. The MAN63n square gemstone ring has been one of Kaisilver's favorite men's band rings. So should you go for the tapered band width or request for a ring with a uniform band width all around. While the choice is yours, here are some tips to help you decide. We have several requests from men where, they wish to have the band narrow a bit behind the finger. Apparently this relates to wearing comfort, a broad band behind the finger makes the palm feel a bit squeezed up. A simple band ring is suited for both men and women, this is awesome when the couple choose to wear a pair of matching wedding bands. The band width and gem size can be customized for the bride and bridegroom. 

How To Buy: We've said it before and we will say it again, do not make a rush purchase when buying high end custom made jewelry. Review all details and options for the men's square gemstone ring in the MAN63N Men's Ring Report feel free to contact our support experts, provide details of your preferences and ask as many questions as you wish. The support team can be contacted at sales@kaisilver.com , you do not need to make a purchase to take advantage of their expertise, so make sure that you do not miss this opportunity. We will be glad to make a jewel for you with your own design image or sketch, you need not be limited to the gemstones that are shown on our websites. 

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