Talk about men's garnet rings and you would think of those impressive gold and 925 silver deep red garnet rings. For centuries it was thought that all garnets are red, the gemstone in fact gets its name from reference to the red seeds of a pomegranate fruit. It was only in modern times with the advent of advanced testing equipment and knowledge that, we learnt about garnet gemstones in colors besides red. The MAN122 spessartite men's ring shown here, boasts of a rare orange spessartite garnet. Most jewelry buyers might have never heard the name spessartine or spessartite garnet. This is a rare gem, gem quality spessartite can be 20 times rarer than red garnet and at least 20 times more expensive. Kaisilver sources spessartite from the world's largest mining and gem cutting houses, this gives us a tremendous selection to choose from. While spessartite can never be cheap, we can with our gem procurement expertise, optimize value at each price point. The most preferred spessartite gem color for men's gold or silver rings is the slightly darker shade of orange, just a tinge of brown to make the color more striking. 

spessartite diamond ring

The range orange spessartite garnet set in a finely crafted gold or silver ring. A glittering halo of diamonds surrounds the center spessartite gemstone. Big ring, heavy weight and available in all ring sizes. We can craft a spessartite ring based on your design concept ... more

big spessartite ring for men

If you want to flaunt a really big 11x9mm oval spessartite garnet or any other gem for that matter but, do not want the ring to be very big in the front - take a look at the MAN140 men's  ring. A thick band supported by an impressive metal weight, handcrafted  ... more.

We can craft your spessartite garnet men's ring with the design of your choice, our men's garnet ring collection will give you some design ideas. You could in fact pick any of the men's gemstone rings, from our website and request for a price quote for the same ring with a spessartite garnet. While red garnet is surprisingly moderate on the price range, spessartite is quite expensive. In general we would say that a men's orange spessartite garnet ring, would be quite budget friendly if the gem size is within the 9x7mm or 10x8mm size range. However, we can accommodate requests even for gem sizes that cross the 20 to 30 carat limit, so make a decision keeping your budget in mind. Don't forget that we place no limitations on the design selection, you can therefore send us your own design sketches or images for your men's sterling silver or gold spessartite ring. 

If you have a look at the birthstone charts, garnet is perched right on the top as the January birthstone. This brings us to the question, is any garnet color suitable for a January birthstone ring. Most garnet birthstone rings are ordered with red garnet, there are a few reasons for this. Let us keep in mind that, it was thought for centuries that garnets were always red - only red. Science came in much later and identified red, orange, green garnets. It would be fair to say that a January birthstone ring today, can be crafted with any of these garnets. So a spessartite ring would be perfect for a January birthstone ring. 

While we talk about garnet rings with red and other colors of garnets, let's spend a moment related to the economics. While red garnet especially in sizes 3 carats and above are not cheap, spessartite and green garnets are a lot more expensive as compared to red garnets. Spessartite is at least 20 times rarer than red garnet and that, obviously shows on the price tag. 

Kaisilver Men's Spessartite Ring Highlights:

  • The design can be provided by you or picked from any men's rings on our website.
  • Both silver and gold spessartite gemstone rings for men, have the same quality of workmanship.
  • The gold or 925 silver men's rings also maintain the same gem selection standards.
  • The ring will have good metal weight, this will enhance the durability of the jewel.
  • Our spessartite garnet gemstones are natural and untreated.
  • Since each spessartite men's ring is completely made to order, all ring sizes are available.  
  • 14k and 18k white, yellow and rose gold options are available for spessartine gold rings.
  • Request for a price quote if you wish to have a 10k spessartite garnet men's ring.
  • We recommend that men's silver rings not be plated, because all plating will eventually wear off. 
  • We can however provide white rhodium, yellow gold or rose gold plating for the silver ring. 

Pricing And How To Order: Since we do not encourage the 'express buy' concept of online selling, we would suggest that your first go through all details on the MAN122 Spessartite Men's Ring Report and then, review the pricing options available. Our experts at are always available to answer, any doubts or questions that you might have. 

Kaisilver: Respected as the pioneer in online custom made jewelry operations, we craft all types of gold and silver jewelry with design and gemstones of your choice. Supported by one of the most thorough and experienced gem procurement teams, we can source a gemstone for your jewelry from any part of the globe. By maintaining the same quality standards for gold and sterling silver jewelry, we are today honored to have more than 7,000 discerning jewelry lovers wearing gems and jewelry sourced by us. We suggest that you discuss your doubts and requirements related to gemstones and jewellery, with our support professionals at It does not matter where you finally make your purchase from. We would rather educate and inform you to make the right buying decision instead of, rushing you to buy something from us. 

Preferential access to spessartite gems cut by the biggest, gem mining and cutting operations. Our gem experts meticulously inspect and pick every spessartite gemstone that is set in our custom made rings. We are not bound by existing inventories andcan always, optimize the price and quality equation. 

Spectacular and very rare 15-30 carat faceted spessartite gemstones. Mine a truck load of rough spessartite and cut and polish every gem in that, it is unlikely that you will find more than 2 to 3 such pieces coming out of that rough material. Kai  Silver buyers can even  deliver 30-50 carat gems, so just let us have your requirements.