The love and desirability of jewelry goes far beyond fashion and trends. As jewelry savvy buyers get more knowledgeable about gemstones and the true value quality jewelry, purchases are made to reflect individuality and personal preferences. Whether it is in the more liberal selection of gold covers that now cover, white, yellow or rose gold or the spike in the demand for superior sterling silver jewelry, buyer preferences are going through a sea of changes. It is not just leisure wear rings and bangles that are joining the color revolution, bridal wear has been smitten by the allure of colored gemstones and metal colors too. 

There seems to be an abundance of jewelry to choose from and yet, it is not rare for a choosy quality conscious buyer to feel that much of what is available is just not for him or her. Information regarding various gems, metals, designs and issues related to gems and jewelry is also scarce, emphasis is on sales hype and revenue generation. In this section, the experts from Kaisilver will file various reports related to jewelry both plain and with gems and diamonds. Don't expect a marketing tone to these reports, the objective is to inform and educate, this with the aim of guiding buyers to make well informed buying decisions. You can contact our experts at for questions and requirements related to gemstones and jewelry. 

Men's garnet gemstone ring with a rare orange spessartine garnet. Kaisilver custom men's ring with your choice of design and gems, this spessartite garnet ring can be ordered in gold or silver ... more

Tanzanite rings deliver instant style. Pick a gold or 925 silver tanzanite gemstone ring with good workmanship and gemstone. This gem is today popular in engagement and wedding rings too ... more

An amazing green tourmaline gemstone ring for men. A hefty 11x9mm oval handpicked tourmaline gem adorns the center of this expertly crafted gold or 925 sterling silver ring, available in all ring sizes ... more

jewelry multi gemstone

The colorful and sparkling beauty of multi gemstone jewelry is perfectly showcased in this scintillating collection of rings with many gems. All custom made with all gemstone options ... more

Sapphire rings with design and gems of your choice. Sapphire the rare and highly sought after gem is available in a range of colors, you can choose the color of your choice ... more

A stylish tourmaline gold ring, also crafted in sterling silver. Choose a yellow, white or pink gold ring with a pink or green tourmaline gemstones. The 14k or 18k gold ring is available in all ring sizes ... more

aquamarine engagement ring

Engagement rings are no longer tied to diamonds or a specific design concept. Aquamarine is a great choice for an engagement ring, we an awesome aquamarine diamond ring from Kaisilver, in 925 silver or gold ... more.

birthstone rings for men

Men's gold and sterling silver rings with your choice of birthstone. Order from these designs or send us your own design concept. Fine workmanship and durable configuration ... more

Pink sapphire rings expertly crafted in gold or 925 sterling silver. 14k or 18k pink sapphire gem  stone gold rings in white, yellow or rose gold are extremely popular today ... more

A bracelet on your hand can be the only accessory required to refine your style statement. Custom made bracelets from Kaisilver can be ordered in gold or sterling silver with your choice of gems ... more

5 awesome ideas to customize the hot selling BRC100 gemstone bracelet from Kaisilver. Get the best custom made bracelet and express your style with a gold or sterling silver bracelet ... more