Rings For Men With Green Gems

Men's Rings With Green Gemstones

It is not surprising that most jewelry buyers give emphasis to the price tag and external appearance when making a purchase. While there is nothing wrong with this approach, it helps to have some insight into the design and gemstones set in the jewels. Men's green gemstone rings are growing increasingly popular in recent times. The symbolism of green color might have a big part to play in this. Green has a refreshing appeal, it represents harmony and joy. There are a range of green gems that you can choose for a men's ring, color shades, toughness and prices vary across a wide range. In this report touch on the essential features that should be considered before picking the stone for men's rings with green gems.

greeen gem ring for men tourmaline
men's green gemstone ring with emerald

Color: From the bright sparkle of peridot to the deeper saturation of green tourmaline, the world of gems has somethig for everyone. Emerald which is undoubtedly the best known green gem has a unique color, you could define this as a signature green. Green jade is a translucent to opaque gemstone, the calm color and tough nature of this gem makes it a must have for men's rings. Sapphire which is found in a bunch of gorgeous colors including green is another choice. Remember that we are talking about natural green gemstones, each of these gems can show a few color variations within themselves. 

Price: Most of us would begin the search for a green gemstone men's ring with some idea of the price in mind, the idea would be to stay within a feasible budget. Most gems are priced based on their weight, a price per carat is quoted for a gemstone. Since we are talking about green gems let's attempt a basic price scale here. Peridot is modestly priced and should fit most budgets. Most peridot rings are crafted with gems from China or Arizona (U.S.A). You would very likely be charged a premium if your men's ring required a peridot from Burma (Myanmar) or Pakistan. Emerald along with ruby and sapphire belongs to the 'Big Three' club of the gemstone world, prices reflect the status given to these gems. The price per carat of an emerald would be significantly high and this price, rises sharply as the stone size increases. Green tourmaline is priced higher than peridot but, generally does not reach emerald prices. However the price movement per carat for tourmaline, follows the trend seen in emerald, larger tourmalines are more expensive per carat. The pricing structure for jade is a bit complex, one reason for this is that jade consists of two varieties, jadeite and nephrite. Burma accounts for most if not all the jadeite that is supplied to global markets, this gem is priced higher than nephrite jade. 

green jade gemstone ring for men
mens green peridot gemstone ring

Gem Size: To put it simply, the gem size in a men's green stone ring would depend on the design of of the jewel. Unfortunately things are not that easy, design expectations and gem expectations can often be a challenge to achieve. Let's say that you love emeralds and wish to wear a men's silver or gold ring with a chunky 6 carat emerald gemstone. The fact is that the cost of the gemstone alone, could fall in the 4,000 U.S$ to 15,000 U.S$ range. So if your first priority is a 6 carat green gemstone, you might have to pick a peridot or green tourmaline gem instead. Neither of these stones is going to be cheap but, the stone cost would be much lower than that of an emerald.  But if you would prefer an emerald ring without paying a super high price, choose a design that uses modestly sized emeralds. 

Authenticity: Things get a bit technical when you get into the deeper details of gemstones. At the very elementary level, gems can be natural or man made. Beyond that is the more complex issue of gemstone treatments, something that is not easy to understand for the casual buyer. If you are paying a significantly high price for your green gem men's ring, request for a gemstone authentication certificate. This should come from an independent testing lab and not, be a mere printed statement from the jewelry seller. You might be expected to pay for the authentication certificate, do it as it will give you confidence and peace of mind. 

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