Custom Bracelets

Custom Gemstone Bracelets In Gold Or Silver

Bracelets are generally larger than rings or earrings, they therefore allow you to present more of style and more of individuality. Gemstone bracelets draped around the wrist are sure to attract attention. Pick up a fork, talk on your cell phone or a simple handshake - you just cannot miss noticing a bracelet. This is precisely the reason why Kaisilver stylists recommend, that you give sufficient consideration before choosing a bracelet. Getting a bracelet that looks gorgeous is just one part of the story, what you really need is a gold or 925 silver bracelet that withstands frequent wear and is long lasting. Most women prefer gemstone bracelets, gems add that extra sparkle and color to a jewel. Gemstones also involve an extra parameter in the choosing of a bracelet, you find bracelets with natural gems, synthetic gems and even bracelets set with plain pieces of colored glass. Given this scenario, we would recommend going for a custom gemstone bracelet with, your choice of gems, your design preference and definitely more durable and sturdy as compared to a similar bracelet picked off the shelf. In this report, we will talk about custom bracelets with gemstones, the focus will be on gems as much as it is on the bracelet itself.

A fine custom gemstone bracelet from the Kaisilver collection. Set with rubies, sapphires and emeralds this bracelet can be ordered in 925 silver or gold. Your choice of choice of gemstones ... more

Drape style on your wrist, wear this sophisticated made to order bracelet. You pick a gold or silver bracelet and the gemstones, all gem combinations are allowed. Fine workmanship and optimized metal weight ... more

Gemstone Bracelets Highlights:

  • A Kaisilver custom bracelet will place no restrictions on gemstone selection. 
  • Both gold and silver gemstone bracelets can be ordered with all gem combinations. 
  • All gemstones used in our bracelets are natural and custom cut by experts. 
  • Gemstones are many and many gems exist with similar colors. 
  • Prices for gemstones varies widely, our support team will be glad to advise. 
  • We can work with your bracelet design ideas or, you could pick from our selection. 
  • Our bracelets generally have a 40-60% higher metal weight as compared to others. 
  • Good weight, skilled workmanship and researched designs add durability to our bracelets. 
  • You are assured of the same quality standards for both gold and silver gemstone bracelets. 

Expert Gemstone Suggestions

  • Since we place no limitation on gem selection, open your mind to the entire world of gems. 
  • While rubies, sapphires and emeralds can be expensive, many gems are moderately priced. 
  • Consider ordering a custom multi gemstone bracelets, combine gems by preference or color. 
  • A birthstone bracelet is a great idea, add a twist to the concept by choosing family birthstones. 
  • When picking a sapphire bracelet, request for a combination of different sapphire colors. 
  • Larger gemstones in a custom made bracelet are best set with a bezel setting.

Buying From Kaisilver: With reputation as being the leading online custom made jewelry provider based in Thailand, Kaisilver can craft all types of jewelry in gold and silver. You can send us your own design ideas or, pick a style from our websites and request for design changes as required. Our team of experts at will be glad to answer any questions that you might have. Over 7,000 quality jewelry lovers spread across four continents rely on us for all their gems and jewelry requirements. We continue to grow our business based on high quality standards and prefer, not to splurge funds on high pitched advertising. 

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