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Now that science has proved the existence of sapphires in a wide range of colors, the demand for pink sapphire rings is one the rise. It was once thought that sapphires are always blue ... more

Kaisilver sapphire rings

A collection of high end custom sapphire rings for men, natural certified gemstones and your choice of design. Custom men's rings from Kaisilver in all ring sizes - gold and silver ... more.

white gold ring

A hand picked collection of white gold rings, designed and crafted by the Kaisilver team in Thailand. Order 10k, 14k or 18k gold ring with your choice of gems - can also work with your design ... more

If you require a quality bracelet that is long lasting and matches your design and gemstone preference, go for a custom gemstone bracelet from Kai Silver. Your design or ours, no limitations ... more

big rings for men custom made

Big rings should be handsome and durable. The design for rings with large sizes should evaluate gem options based on budget. Custom rings crafted by Kaisilver in Thailand, gold and silver ... more

men's rings with green gems

Green gems look awesome for men's rings but, the gem you chose can directly influence the price tag and the long term durability of the jewel. This report discusses various green gemstone options ... more

multi stone rings

A nice way to add more meaning, color and sparkle to gold and silver rings. Multi stone rings from Kaisilver, no restriction on gems or design. Rings with many gems for both men and women ... more