Men's Birthstone Rings

Rings With Birthstones For Men 

There was a time when men cared little about the jewelry that they wore. It was in early 2000 that Kaisilver, launched the first collection of finely crafted rings for men. These rings combined style, durability and wearing comfort - they also showcased a dazzling range of natural gemstones. With growing interest in gemstones came the concept of choosing gems for their customs, traditions and 'special' meaning. This is what brings us to the exciting topic of men's birthstone rings. The idea that we are connected to a specific crystal/gem based on our birth has existed for more than a century. The form of defining birthstones has changed over time. We now have birthstone charts that link one (or more) birthstone to each of the 12 months in the year. So the gemstone for a men's birthstone ring would depend on the month in which the man was born. We have presented the birthstone chart at the bottom of this report. Kaisilver crafts each ring in Thailand, a team of highly skilled artisans provides complete attention to birthstone rings for men in gold or sterling silver. While you could pick any men's ring from our websites and request for it to be crafted with your gem preference - in gold or silver. We can also craft your ring with a design concept provided by you. Our experts at will be glad to help with any clarification or information that you might need.  

custom rings gold or silver
january birthstone ring for men garnet

One of the hottest selling Kaisilver birthstone ring for men, the MAN57 is ideally suited for gems like garnet, amethyst, citrine, blue topaz, green jade, spessartite and rhodolite. If you wish to wear the design with a ruby or sapphire, consider an octagonal gemstone. Custom made in gold and 925 silver ... more

silver birthstone ring men's

A silver birthstone ring for men shown with peridot, the August birthstone. Like always, you can order this impressive men's birthstone ring in sterling silver or gold and your choice of birthstone.  Since each ring is fully custom made, you can request for a larger/smaller gem as per your budget ... more

september birthstone for men ring sapphire

A men's September birthstone ring, the center sapphire gem surrounded by a row of glittering diamonds. A luxury look for this men's birthstone ring - no matter which birthstone you choose. Handcrafted by Kaisilver Thailand this ring can be ordered in gold or 925 sterling silver in all ring sizes ... more

diamond birthstone ring white or yellow gold

The April birthstone is one of the most expensive natural stone. Since men's diamond birthstone rings can be quite expensive, this design accommodates 4 diamonds set next to each other. So you get the luxury look at a reasonable price. Single or double gold color or sterling silver custom made in all sizes ... more.   

aquamarine birthstone ring for men

The March birthstone aquamarine set in a heavy men's birthstone ring. Handcrafted in 14k /  18k white, yellow or pink gold and sterling silver. While we can craft a birthstone ring for men with your design concept, the MAN64 ring has a design concept suited for all birthstones - available in all sizes ... more

may birthstone ring emerald

Given that emerald the May birthstone, requires a degree of care when being worn -  the MAN71H men's ring is suited for all gemstone options. The  design concept for this birthstone ring, provides good protection to the gemstones. The ring can mix various gems and the band width customized ... more

big birthstone ring for men gold or silver

Suitable for big birthstone rings, large rings with gems that are moderately priced. The MAN30 is shown as a February birthstone ring with a big amethyst. You could surely go for a smaller gem the large sizes would be suited for amethyst (February), garnet (January) and citrine (November) birthstone ... more

mens birthstone ring december tanzanite

One of the most commonly seen men's ring concept,  an oval gem set in a finely crafted gold or 925 silver ring. Good metal weight to ensure comfort and durability. Shown is a December birthstone ring with a tanzanite gemstone. The design is suited for most birthstones. Design modifications possible ... more

birthstone charts

Choosing A Design: Order a Kaisilver men's birthstone ring and you will not need to restrict your choice of design or gemstone. Having said that, there are some factors that will influence the design selection for a men's ring. Men love to wear rings  with large gemstones, so a birthstone ring would ideally accommodate a high carat gem. The point is that gem prices can vary widely, the price (per carat) of a gem moves up sharply as the gem size increases. So if you talk about a January (garnet), February (Amethyst) or November (Citrine) - a men's birthstone ring design that accommodates a 4 to 6 carat gem, would be modestly priced. On the other hand a ring with a ruby (July birthstone) or a ring with sapphire (September) birthstone, would ideally be set in a ring that has as gem size of around 2 to 3 carats. design shown on this web page has a link to the complete report - prices and gem suggestions can be found in the report. We also welcome your queries and will be glad to craft a birthstone ring with a design concept provided by you. The support team at will guide you with advice and suggestions. 

How To Buy: Kaisilver offers the maximum flexibility and customization for men's birthstone rings. It is therefore no surprise that quality conscious jewelry lovers, prefer to source their birthstone ring from Kaisilver Thailand. Each of the rings shown on this web page has a link that takes you to the complete report. Detailed information about the page including,  the price, gem and metal options and useful tips are covered in the report. The support team at will be glad to assist you with any information or clarifications that you need. Remember that we can craft a gold or silver men's ring with birthstone, based on your own design idea. 

Who Is Kaisilver: The leading online source for high end custom jewelry, we handcraft all types of jewelry in gold or silver. Some of Thailand's finest jewelry artisans and gem cutters craft unique one-of-a-kind jewels. The design can be picked from our websites or provided by you. There is no limitation  on gemstone and gold and silver jewelry are crafted to the same superior standards. Write to us at if you need any information  or advice - we will be glad to help even if you purchase nothing from us.