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Gemstone Engagement Rings, Aquamarine

The slipping importance of diamonds in engagement rings has in a way, enhanced the level of maturity shown by young couples ready to tie the knot. To be brides are today looking closely at gems with a history and those with traditional folklore are being preferred. You might like the big bold or heavy chunky look for your jewelry but, it is very likely that you seek elegance and subtle style for your engagement ring. Aquamarine with its pastel blue color and high clarity has a sophisticated and refined look. The gem comes from the same mineral family as emerald and morganite, all these gems happen to be different varieties of beryl. 

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There Is No Limitation On The Gemstone Choice

An engagement ring with aquamarine and probably, with a few diamonds encrusted in the metal will make a gorgeous jewel. Aquamarine is by no means cheap, it was much more affordable a 5 to 7 years ago but, it is still good value for your money. Carefully select the design for your engagement ring, focus on workmanship and gem quality and don't forget durability. Unless you prefer to wear a big aquamarine gem in your ring, you might be able to comfortably budget for an aquamarine jewelry set - include a pair of matching earrings along with the ring. Since the blue of this gem is light and not deep, it works well with most dress colors. 

A complete bridal look can be achieved by wearing an uncomplicated aquamarine engagement ring with a pair of matched earrings. Depending on the style of your dress for the day, you could drape a strand of 7-8mm cream or white pearls around your neck. The good thing about an aquamarine engagement ring is that, it would look equally good in white or yellow gold or even in 925 silver. And what about rose gold, is this metal good enough for engagement or wedding jewelry. Keep reading as we discuss that in the next paragraph. 

Pink gold, rose gold, red gold or Russian gold refer to the same alloy. The Russians wore pink gold in the early part of the 19th century, as time went by it was white and yellow gold that dominated the jewelry scene. If you have a doubt about the value or worth of pink gold, here is something that will ease your worry. The conventional 10k, 14k and 18k gold alloys used in jewelry define a specific standard, this remains the same for white, yellow or rose gold. You could surely pick a pink gold aquamarine engagement ring but, make sure that the gold color goes well with the rest of your attire for the day. 

And what about a sterling silver engagement ring with aquamarine, would it be a good choice. One of the very interesting developments seen in bridal rings is focus on quality, rather than on price or gem selection. If you can find a 925 silver aquamarine ring with a nice design and good craftsmanship, it is fit to be an engagement ring. The emergence of Kaisilver as a primary source for bridal rings is based on an interesting fact. We ensure equal standards for gold and 925 silver jewelry. You can order this aquamarine diamond ring in gold or 925 silver and rest assured that, the jewel will meet your discerning quality standard. 

If you were born in the month of March and happen to be looking around for an engagement ring, the aquamarine gem options should be high on your list. The practice of wearing a birthstone engagement ring is growing popular each day. Tradition tells us that, we all have a special connection with the gem that happens to be our birthstone. Each month on the calendar is symbolized by one (or more) birthstones. Aquamarine happens to be the birthstone for the month of March. 

Kaisilver: Widely accepted to be one of the leading high custom made jewelry providers, we custom make all jewelry in gold or 925 silver. You choose the design or send us your own and sketches, you pick the gemstone without being limited by what is shown or mentioned on our websites. The RNMN01 Kaisilver Aquamarine Ring Report, will give you more details about the ring discussed on this page. Options and pricing are clearly indicated in the report. Before you choose to make any purchase from our online resources, we would recommend that you discuss your requirements with our support experts. Email us at sales@kaisilver.com and we will provide advice and suggestions without, pushing you to make a purchase. You can also send us your design sketches or images to be custom made.