Green Tourmaline Gold Ring

gold ring with tourmaline

Tourmaline is a gorgeous gemstone and found in a range of colors and hues. The most interesting explanation for the spectacular colors of tourmaline gems, was put forward in ancient times by the Sri Lankans. According to their theory, tourmaline traveled from the sky to the earth, during this long journey it passed through a rainbow. This was believed to be the reason for all those dazzling colors in which this gemstone is found.

The RG233GT GOLD TOURMALINE RING from Kaisilver, defines a sense of style that is rarely experienced in simple ring concepts. Jewel artists with decades of experience gained through family history, work on the smooth contours and fine details of this green tourmaline gemstone ring. The ring is available in 14k and 18k gold and you can specify the ring size that you require. With the strong demand for color in jewelry, you could add a new dimension to your style statement by picking an interesting gold color for your ring. A yellow, pink or white gold ring would deliver a distinctly different color contrast between the metal and gem colors. The perfectly cut 6mm square tourmaline gemstone is securely mounted in an expertly crafted gold ring. 

Kaisilver Tourmaline Ring Highlights

  • Available as a 14k or 18k white, yellow or rose gold tourmaline gemstone ring. 
  • You can also order a 925 silver tourmaline ring and get the same quality standards.
  • The same team of artisans, gem experts and quality experts work on both metals.
  • The center gemstone is a 6mm square natural green tourmaline gemstone.
  • You could request for a 6mm round, 8x6mm oval or 8x6mm pear shaped gem.
  • We offer options for pink, green and yellow tourmaline gems for the gold and silver ring.
  •  You could order the same ring with any other gemstone of your choice. 
  • With a good metal weight of 8 to 10 grams, the ring is sturdy and comfortable to wear. 
  • Each tourmaline ring is fully custom made and is available in all ring sizes. 
  • We can also custom make your tourmaline gold or silver ring with your own design concept. 

Kaisilver high end custom made jewelry gives importance to every aspect of the jewel, our efforts do not end with providing a jewel with pretty looks. While design can be based on personal likes, there can be no compromise on comfort and durability. Tourmaline by nature, is one of the most tough natural green gemstones. The bezel mounting for the gem in this 14k or 18k green tourmaline ring, ensures that the gemstone is securely mounted and the edges protected from side impact. Without being chunky or loud, the RG233GT offers excellent long term durability. The entire gold portion is left solid and intact, no scooping has been done and we did not attempt to lighten the jewel just to lower the price point. With the optimized gold weight, your tourmaline ring will easily withstand prolonged and frequent wear. It will not take much of effort on your part to keep the ring in perfect shape for years and decades. Most jewelers would craft this tourmaline gold ring with a metal weight of around 4 to 6 grams. We have laid emphasis on durability and wearing comfort, your ring will have a good weight of around 8 to 10 grams.

Pricing And How To Buy: Unlike other online jewelry websites that push you to make a purchase, we at Kaisilver suggest that you first communicate your requirements with our experts. Details of price and options available for the RG233GT tourmaline ring can be reviewed in the RG233GT Tourmaline Ring Report. Since every feature in this ring can be personalized to your requirements, contact the team at with your requirements. You could request for another gem or order the ring with a different gemstone shape, we can even craft your tourmaline gemstone ring with a design concept provided by you. 

Kaisilver: Widely acclaimed as the leading online made to order jewelry provider, we craft both gold and sterling silver jewelry with the same quality standards. You can choose from a design shown on our websites or, send us an image or sketch of your own design to be custom made. With direct links to most of the gem mining centers across the globe, we place no restrictions on your choices of gemstones. Email us your requirements at and we will get back with suggestions, options and price quotes.

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