Gemstone Jewelry, Made To Order


Inputs from one of the pioneers in custom made jewelry, Kaisilver crafts gold and 925 sterling silver jewelry based on your own design inputs, we place no restrictions on your choice of gemstones. Skilled artisans work on all our custom made jewelry, and every gem is picked by experts to ensure optimum value at each price point. Our commitment to quality in terms of design, artisanship and gemstones is uniformly maintained for both, gold and silver custom jewelry. 

tanzanite rings

One of the rarest gemstones on our planet, experts agree that Tanzanite is about 1,000 times rarer than diamonds. Pick your very own exotic custom made Tanzanite ring ... more

sleek gemstone ring

This square gemstone ring has a stylish sleek look but comes with amazing durability. Bezel set gemstone of your choice is supported in a gold or silver ring with good metal weight ... more

spessartite rings

A men's garnet ring with a stunning spessartite garnet gemstone. Take your style statement to the next level, wear a sturdy spessartite diamond ring from Kaisilver ... more

custom made bracelets

The best way to get a gorgeous and long lasting bracelet with, your gem and design preference, is to go for a made to order bracelet. Learn more about quality bracelets from Kaisilver ... more.

pink sapphire rings

Sapphires are not always blue and pink adds a sophisticated touch to any sapphire ring or jewel. Let us tell you all about the stunning pink sapphire gemstone ... more.